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Quote of the day...

I can't decide which of these comments from the front page of my local paper are more special...

For (City Councilman Richard) Stallings, deciding which line items in the city's proposed budget to color blue, denoting them as programs and expenditures to be cut, has been the second-most trying experience of his political career.

He lost the most sleep over a vote he cast as a congressman in 1990 - whether or not to go to war in Iraq.

The CIA told him 50,000 Americans would die if the nation went ahead with the Persian Gulf War.

He couldn't tolerate that much loss of life. It was a painful decision. He ultimately voted against going to war.

His options were no better during that July 1 budget meeting, when he and the other council members had to cut $2,298,000 in funding requests to make ends meet in the city's proposed fiscal year 2005 budget.

Hmmmmm Cut rock climbing and kayaking, or go to war.
I can see how similar they are.

"Without really studying or looking at it, I still think they could cut a lot more than they are," said Nilson, who works as a representative for the National Federation of Independent Businesses.

Does this really need a comment?
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