uncle_sydney (uncle_sydney) wrote,

Politics, or how to grab power in a "civilized" country

Here's just a random thught which probably proves I haven't been getting enough sleep... When you look through history, leadership swings back and forth...One person, a group, one person, a group. Monarchy, republics, democracies, facisim, socialism, comunism, even religion; all ways to control a larger group, gaining more power.  Each and every one of these has been praised or villified, depending on who's in charge, and what groups like who.  We currently are in a cycle where the group is the leadership type in vogue.  Single rulers, or the appearance of a single leader, no matter how well they may or may not be running things, are a "bad" thing.  Supposedly once upon a time, America vowed it would never be ruled by a King. I say perhaps it's time we break another vow, and give it a whirl.
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