uncle_sydney (uncle_sydney) wrote,

And this, is why I try to limit my exposure to political forums...

After having been fairly non political most of my life, I've recently decided I should be paying more attention to what's going on around me. this however means I have to come in contact with political forums. On the surface, political forums are a good idea. People from all over sharing their views, and coming up with new ideas. However, that is also the downside of them.
Reading through, you realize that most people couldn't find a clue with 2 hands, a flashlight, and the navigation system the navy uses to land planes on a carrier. For example, from a disucssion on communism...

"People think that if state-sponsered communism were implimented world-wide and for a long enough time, humans would adapt to this mind set and no longer need a government, turning the world into one big Walden II or Amish villa. Then again, they forget that humans aren't biologically programmed that way."

Over all, a reasonable thought, though arguments could be made about the herd mentality. The response however, is another story...

"we're not biologically programmed for hierarchy, either."

Let me say that again..."we're not biologically programmed for hierarchy, either."

This is what just bugs the hell out of me on these boards. People spouting off on their own bizzare utopian fantasy of how the world is and/or should be, whose only connection with reality is that humans are a bipedal creature that walks upright.
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