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Live from the Stone Arrow
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Below are the 15 most recent journal entries recorded in uncle_sydney's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007
2:20 pm

Which literature classic are you?

Charles Baudelaire: The Flowers of Evil. You are one of the most loved and hated poetic works. Death and decadence are important themes for you, but none should overlook your impressive aesthetics, either. Deep down youre not evil at all, you just like to play the tough guy on the block.
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I think I misclicked something.

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Saturday, January 20th, 2007
2:42 am
I want to be your whore
From: "Max Peck" <herbtudka@apexinst.com>
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2007 10:01:21 -0600
To: "Uncle_sydney" <uncle_sydney@***.com>
Subject: I want to be your whore, Uncle_sydney

How did you find me?. he asked, trying to discover a subject that she might warm to.

I love automated spammers.

Current Mood: uncomfortable

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Saturday, June 24th, 2006
9:15 am
Portneuf Dogs
Why does grocery shopping in this town always feel like your about 3 seconds before the opening scene of a Quentin Tarantino movie?

Edit: I can't believe Tarantino isn't in the LJ spell check by now.

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Monday, February 20th, 2006
9:24 pm
Crackpot theory of the week...
As part of a long term plan to distance itself from the image of the old people's party, Republican leadership needed a more indelible reason why Dick Cheney wasn't running for President in 08 than his age. It was decided, for the good of the party, that Dick had to be involved in a scandal of some sort. Something just damaging enough to be memorable, but cause no undue hardship on VP Cheney in real world terms. A 'hunting accident' was decided on, as it allowed a deal to cut down on congressional investigations by democrats, in exchange for 3 weeks of news coverage on their favorite pet causes. From gun control, to animal rights.

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Monday, December 5th, 2005
5:52 pm
Spam poets....the new art.
I missed shouting carefully..
John was enjoying sleeping near the tree.,Another rule implemented was that the
student was allowed to spend as much or as little time at the computer as he/she
wished. There would be no more, 'We aren't finished, yet.' The student would to
be in charge of his own learning at the computer.
Did Debbie love jumping in front of the restaurant?.
Those bus drivers aren't missing praying on the street just now..
EDWARDS: But what have we seen? Relentless negative attacks against John. So in
the weeks ahead, we know what's coming, don't we?.
That librarian isn't enjoying jumping at the company..
Haven't the computer programmers already practiced shaving?,That flight
attendant is not missing playing below the bridge at this exact moment.
The librarians don't remember skiing for more than an hour..
Haven't the journalists liked surfing?.

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Saturday, March 26th, 2005
12:09 am
I can't take it anymore....
I have a use for gun locks...
To give me time to count to 10 before I shoot the next smugly self righteous lack wit prattling at me about their latest half baked idea of how the world "should" be.

But since I have no desire to be Jacko, or Scott Peterson's new roomie, I'm forced to join the war of words...

As you should be aware of by now, the local paper, in a word, sucks.
I don't mean they're biased, or they miss stories.
Well, I mean that too. But that might be forgiven if what they did bother to do was above the level of a junior high journalism class.
Today's example....

Shootings happen, but trigger locks might stop some

Jeff Weise exhibited plenty of warning signs before he went on a killing spree at his school on the Red Lake Indian Reservation in Minnesota. The 17-year-old student had posted messages on a neo-Nazi Web site expressing admiration for Adolf Hitler and calling himself "Todosengel," German for the "Angel of Death."

And Weise was a regular contributor to Web sites related to zombies. He was a self-described fan of horror movies, liked heavy metal music and dressed in black clothing, with chains on his pants and black spiky hair. He drew comics filled with images of people shooting each other.

Spooky stuff, but plenty of students around the United States exhibit such characteristics, and don't open fire on classmates. What's a school principal to do?

What they should do, and often accomplish, is use every possible measure to head off shootings or other crimes before they occur. In the wake of the Columbine massacre at a Colorado high school six years ago, schools have employed police guards and tightened security measures. And in many instances, precautions have paid off in thwarted plots.

Nonetheless, such tragedies occur - literally dozens of them, and not just in the U.S. although it is this country that is awash in firearms. It is not surprising that Weise, like other student killers before him, obtained two pistols and a shotgun from his home which he used on his murderous rampage.

One measure that might ultimately help would be a law requiring gun manufacturers to include a trigger lock with every weapon sold. If buyers used them, it would at least prevent young children from fatally mishandling guns-and it could deter crazies like Jeff Weise. All the local police agencies have made free trigger locks available, and many responsible gun owners have taken advantage of that offer. But that is not the same as making them part of the gun at the time of sale.

Meanwhile, not just school administrators, but other people can only redouble their efforts to head off shooting episodes and other trouble as well. We cannot assume it won't happen here. It can happen anywhere.

I couldn't help responding...

That has to be one of the most rambling, nonsensical pieces I've seen from this paper. Great start, listing all the "evil" signs Weise showed prior to his going on a nutty. Followed by a surprising example of journalistic integrity by showing how meaningless those supposed signs were. Too bad that was just a flash in the pan to hide the further rambling of the rest of the piece. You failed to mention Red Lake High School, did have both security personel, and metal detectors.
Next, when a properly written piece would be coming to it's conclusion, is where you actually get to your questionable premise. My question is: What do gun locks have to do with Red Lake, and Jeff Weise?
Nada, nothing, zero.
After all, if Weise's Grandfather had gunlocks, Jeffy would have seen them and then changed his mind and gone off to draw some more comics? He wouldn't have ransacked the house looking for the key or anything.
With this kind of reasoning, I expect an editorial from your paper claiming the issues of the Terry Schiavo case are about the difficulies of living with an eating disorder.

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Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005
3:31 am
I miss the Trib.
With all the fun that's going on in the world today (Schiavo, Minn school shootings, the dead 9yro from Fl, etc...), what's the top story, front page headline of the local paper?

"A 'purr-fect' solution: Operation helps restore cat's mobility"

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Wednesday, March 9th, 2005
10:21 pm
And this, is why I try to limit my exposure to political forums...
After having been fairly non political most of my life, I've recently decided I should be paying more attention to what's going on around me. this however means I have to come in contact with political forums. On the surface, political forums are a good idea. People from all over sharing their views, and coming up with new ideas. However, that is also the downside of them.
Reading through, you realize that most people couldn't find a clue with 2 hands, a flashlight, and the navigation system the navy uses to land planes on a carrier. For example, from a disucssion on communism...

"People think that if state-sponsered communism were implimented world-wide and for a long enough time, humans would adapt to this mind set and no longer need a government, turning the world into one big Walden II or Amish villa. Then again, they forget that humans aren't biologically programmed that way."

Over all, a reasonable thought, though arguments could be made about the herd mentality. The response however, is another story...

"we're not biologically programmed for hierarchy, either."

Let me say that again..."we're not biologically programmed for hierarchy, either."

This is what just bugs the hell out of me on these boards. People spouting off on their own bizzare utopian fantasy of how the world is and/or should be, whose only connection with reality is that humans are a bipedal creature that walks upright.

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Tuesday, February 15th, 2005
4:54 am
Since I don't seem to be using this for much else, I figured I could at least start throwing out crappy game reviews. If nothing else, it'll help "me" remember what I've rented and when. So, here's the first couple...

Yes, I rented Playboy: The Mansion. Why? Because I admit, I'm sick and wrong. Besides, Leisure Suit Larry was out. Yes, there really is a new LLL game for PS2. Anyway, P:TM. If you've ever play The Sims, then you already know most of the basic layout, and controls. It seems to be somewhat more glitch prone then The Sims, (random neverending animations, people getting stuck in the scenery, etc.) The graphics aren't terrible, even considering the PS2's limitations in that area. But once again, it's for all intents, a Sims add on for PS2.

Where it departs, is the premise. Obviously. You get to be a young Hef, and build your Playboy empire. Sign playmates, hire staff, build your mansion, and fuck anything with 2 tits, a hole and a heartbeat. Yes, a PS2 game with gratuitous sex, instead of the usual gratuitous violence. No pussy footing around with the sex and nudity, ala Grand Theft Auto. Tits in a PS2 game. Not covered tits, but fully exposed, excessivly large, full giggly motion tits.

On a slightly more socially redeeming side, depending on your point of view, the load screen blurbs on Playboy trivia are interesting. (40% of playmates are blonde; most come from Hawaii, California, and Washington DC; and are most likely to be a Libra)

Bottom Line, The Sims for pervs. But you have to give credit to anyone with the balls to put "Have sex on couch" as a command in a PS2 game.

Then, there's The Punisher. Which, from what I've been led to believe about the movie, surprisingly doesn't suck.

Fairly realistic, in a way the Comic Book Code would never approve, but still keeping the dark, cynical tone of the books. What do I mean by realistic?
Well, it get's a "fairly realistic" because while it does the all the calibres right for each model, it doesn't bother to name them correctly. Also, while some guns perform as you would expect, (Shotguns are messy at close range, and the M60 will remove limbs) The AK clone should have a bit more punch, and you're almost better off just throwing the FN P90 at the baddies. The 5.56 crowd will either have complaints similar to the AK, or they'll think it performs as expected, depending on which side of 'that' argument you fall on.

One gun oddity for a modern game, not set in a historical time frame. There is NO 9 mm in the game. Pistols include .45, .50, and .500. The Bushie pistol even makes a well deserved appearance in 5.56. But the MP5, which every action title with guns "must" have, comes in .40 of all things.

Overall, the game play isn't anything stunningly new. But it is a fun way to relieve stress, and you have to like a game that offers laundry tips while you wait for it to load.

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Saturday, September 25th, 2004
1:16 am
Blogs, mailing lists, etc...
lately, I've gotten sucked into the online Neverwinter Nights. It's mostly cool for an online game, and I can't wait to get the expansion packs. Blah blah blah...

However, cruising through the forums for it, I've found a perfect example of why some people should not be allowed in public. Ok, so the GWB_Feed shows that more the amply enough. But that at least has the distinction of being stupid people talking about something that matters; even if they have no clue what they're talking about, or somehow got the misguided illusion that they actually matter. This particular conversation however, is people getting upset and emotional over fictional characters in a role playing game.


Nuke `em from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

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Wednesday, August 25th, 2004
9:28 am
And the horrorscope for the week.
Virgo: (Aug. 23—Sept. 22)
You really shouldn't let the weather get you down—unless, of course, you call a rain of house-sized asteroids "weather."

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Monday, August 16th, 2004
4:01 am
Quote of the day...
I can't decide which of these comments from the front page of my local paper are more special...

For (City Councilman Richard) Stallings, deciding which line items in the city's proposed budget to color blue, denoting them as programs and expenditures to be cut, has been the second-most trying experience of his political career.

He lost the most sleep over a vote he cast as a congressman in 1990 - whether or not to go to war in Iraq.

The CIA told him 50,000 Americans would die if the nation went ahead with the Persian Gulf War.

He couldn't tolerate that much loss of life. It was a painful decision. He ultimately voted against going to war.

His options were no better during that July 1 budget meeting, when he and the other council members had to cut $2,298,000 in funding requests to make ends meet in the city's proposed fiscal year 2005 budget.

Hmmmmm Cut rock climbing and kayaking, or go to war.
I can see how similar they are.

"Without really studying or looking at it, I still think they could cut a lot more than they are," said Nilson, who works as a representative for the National Federation of Independent Businesses.

Does this really need a comment?

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Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004
9:08 am
Politics, or how to grab power in a "civilized" country
Here's just a random thught which probably proves I haven't been getting enough sleep... When you look through history, leadership swings back and forth...One person, a group, one person, a group. Monarchy, republics, democracies, facisim, socialism, comunism, even religion; all ways to control a larger group, gaining more power.  Each and every one of these has been praised or villified, depending on who's in charge, and what groups like who.  We currently are in a cycle where the group is the leadership type in vogue.  Single rulers, or the appearance of a single leader, no matter how well they may or may not be running things, are a "bad" thing.  Supposedly once upon a time, America vowed it would never be ruled by a King. I say perhaps it's time we break another vow, and give it a whirl.

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Saturday, July 31st, 2004
11:02 am

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Thursday, July 22nd, 2004
9:40 pm
Here we go...
So I have a web journal. Isn't it cool? Now I could inflict my thoughts and feelings on the web. Go me and stuff.
Actually, I don't know that you'll be seeing a while lot of touchy feely emotion crap here. I have it mainly so when I surf through LJ via the few people I know here, and I see something so asinine that I feel compelled to respond, I won't be doing so anonymously.

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